Animatus Eventus: Charles Fernandez, Composer

Charles Fernandez

Charles Fernandez is an award winning, Emmy and Annie nominated composer who has worked in the TV, film and concert music world since 1978. He is a composer, orchestrator, conductor, bassoonist and teacher.

Charles composed two pieces for our concert; the first is Animatus Eventus, named after a similar piece he composed for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and Mouse’s Bride, a 1928  Paul Terry classic cartoon .

We sat down together to discuss his compositions and their world premiere with The Riverside Philharmonic.

What do you hope the audience will feel as they hear your music performed live for the first time while viewing the animation that inspired your music?

I hope they’ll laugh! This concert will be a totally unique opportunity for your audience to experience hearing music for the first time from several different composers, all through their own experiences, histories and point of view.

How did the cartoon inspire you?

I watched a number of cartoons before finding Mouse’s Bride. I always look for running gags, and especially if it makes me laugh out loud watching it I know I’ve found a winner. This cartoon has the running gag of a duck that randomly walks in and out of the picture for no apparent reason. As a composer this allows me to play these interruptions in a comic way.

How does this fit into your current body of work?

Though I spend more of my time now composing for the stage, most of my career has been spent writing for animation. For me, being able to write a new animation score for Tomasz Golka and the Riverside Philharmonic is a welcome return to what I did for so many years.

Award Winning Composer

Charles is an award-winning media composer for many television series including Universal Studios’ Casper Cartoon Series — receiving two Emmy and one Annie Nomination; 
Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and 101 Dalmatians;  Dreamworks’ Toonsylvania;  Cartoon Networks’ Robot Chicken as well 
as films such as All Dogs II, Pebble and the Penguin and many others.


As a teacher, he teaches a course in Animation Music at UCLA Extension, is an instructor for the online Music for the Media course based out of England, and is a theory instructor at Los Angeles County High School of the Arts.

Join us for Animatus Eventus

Featuring Tomasz Golka and the Riverside Philharmonic for an evening of cartoons from the Silent Era and the Golden Age of Animation with music performed by our live symphony orchestra.

Saturday, February 10, 7:30 pm

Sunday, February 11, 2:00 pm

RCC Coil School for the Arts

3890 University Avenue, Riverside, CA

Box office 951-222-8100





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